Discover the Different Q50 Trims

Infinity Q50

If you were to come up with some words to describe the Q50, what would you say? You could follow the lead of others and use words like “slinky” and “cool.” These are very true. There is one more word to add to your list. “Adaptable.” With 16 trims, Infiniti has found a way to adapt the Q50 to meet every driver’s needs. Whether you want power, great gas mileage, or something else, there is a trim with your name on it. Let’s take a look at some of the key trim options you can get with this model.

The Starter Trims

Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you’re testing out an Infiniti for the first time, you might want a base trim. The Q50 2.0t and Q50 2.0t AWD are both excellent choices. The most important thing to know about these models is you will get a ton of features for a low price. From the Bluetooth to the rain sensing wipers, you will feel like you have a loaded car when you take off in a base model.

Upgrade to Premium

If you live a premium lifestyle, you will need the Q50 2.0t Premium or the Q50 2.0t Premium AWD. This is decked out with a moonroof, Bose audio system, and more. Think of this as upgrading from a beachfront hotel room to a beachfront villa. You will be wrapped up in luxury every time you slide behind the wheel.

Go Sport

If sport-tuned suspension is more your thing, go with the Q50 2.0t Sport. This model also has an AWD option. The main thing to know about this trim is it has sport-tuned suspension and other sport features. You will have a more responsive driving experience with the sport trim.

Get More Power

So what if power is more your thing? Then you need to meet the Q50 3.0t lineup. These vehicles have a 3-liter V6 twin turbo engine that produces 300 horsepower. You can get the Premium, Premium AWD, Signature, or Sports editions. Regardless of your choice, you’ll fly off the line.

Still Not Enough Power? Get Some More

You want even more power? Then it’s time to upgrade to the Q50 Red Sport 400. This vehicle produces 400 horsepower, so it won’t have any trouble getting the job done. It also has dynamic digital suspension and other features to improve the driving experience.

Go Hybrid

If gas mileage is of the utmost importance, check out the hybrid trims. Available as a premium or AWD trim, it gets 27 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. It still manages to have strong acceleration so you will fly off the line.

Now you’re one step closer to getting your new Q50. Take the final step by heading over to Berglund Group Roanoke-Infiniti in Roanoke, Virginia. See these vehicles in person and take one home today.